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The Grind Jam Session, presented by eXpozedTV, is an elite conference that offers networking opportunities, music business education, and live performances to empower creative minds and business-oriented individuals in the music industry. Our two-day event provides attendees with the chance to expand their knowledge, create meaningful connections, and stay on track towards a successful career path. With two workshops, panels, and live performances featuring Q&A sessions and feedback from top music industry professionals, previous guests have included renowned figures such as Clinton Sparks, Dizzy CleanFace, Amadeus, Zoe Young, Benny Pough, and more. In 2023, we are set to feature another outstanding group of songwriters, producers, music executives, and more. 


At The Grind Jam Session, attendees will have the opportunity to connect with leading industry executives, gain valuable insights into the business of entertainment, and meet like-minded individuals who can take their careers to the next level. Our annual event is a catalyst for creative communities, from artists to producers to entrepreneurs, to collaborate and turn their ideas into action. Attendees will leave The Grind Jam Session with the tools and resources necessary to grow their careers, implement strategies, and make powerful connections that will help them achieve greatness. In a world where social media, music, arts, and branding are constantly evolving, The Grind Jam Session is the perfect place for professionals to invest in their future and take the next step in their careers.

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